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How to Tackle Conferences Like a Sales Pro

Industry trade shows are significant investments, and deserve be treated as such. Myerhoff Consulting offers vetted strategies, tactics, and resources for realizing higher ROI from in-person engagements. 

What We Offer

Why Choose Us?


Conference Training


  • Address common pitfalls of unplanned conference attendance.

  • Focus on how missed opportunities lead to lost revenue.

​          Content

  • Strategies for effective meeting planning.

  • Techniques to maximize time & effectiveness on-site.

  • Outreach & strategy best-practices.

  • Follow-through & Follow-up.




    Created based on :

  • Industry Specifics

  • Organizational Values

  • KPIs

  • Goals

​          Content

  • Sample LinkedIn &    Email sequences .

  • 6-week pre-event preparation guide.

  • Advice for conducting successful meetings.

Tackle Conferences Like a Sales Pro

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