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Do you need a Sales Glow Up?

Looking to elevate your sales game? There's a myriad of individuals out there who find themselves selling without any formal sales training. Whether you're an entrepreneur, solopreneur, agency founder, consultant, attorney, or recently promoted into a partnership role, the struggle is real. In my discussions with people in similar positions, I've uncovered some common challenges. Do any of these resonate with you?

Confidence Dilemma - Feeling uncertain about effectively communicating the value of your offerings or negotiating with potential clients.

Sales Stigma - Feeling uneasy about the idea of selling, fearing you'll come off as pushy or aggressive.

Rejection Apprehension - Struggling to develop the resilience needed to handle rejection in the sales arena.

Technique Troubles - Uncertain about how to structure sales conversations or navigate the process to secure a deal.

Prospect Predicament - Finding it challenging to identify ideal customers and connect with their needs effectively.

Understanding Deficit - Lacking the ability to uncover and address the unique needs and pain points of potential clients, resulting in ineffective sales pitches.

I believe that with a little finesse and support, most people can shine in sales. That's why Lisa Scotto and I created Sales Glow Up, a series of short, friendly video sales tips available weekly on YouTube. Join us as we share insights and techniques to help you navigate the world of B2B sales with confidence and grace.

As we embarked on this journey, we noticed a gap in the market. Traditional B2B sales advice often comes with a masculine, aggressive tone that doesn't resonate with everyone. That's where Sales Glow Up comes in—a more inclusive and approachable take on B2B sales that's less "bro-y" and more "glow-y" (as Lisa so brilliantly puts it).

Here's how you can get involved:

  • Subscribe to our YouTube channel (

  • Engage with the videos that resonate with you by giving them a thumbs-up

  • Sign up for notifications and grab our "How to Avoid Getting Ghosted" infographic

  • Share your topic suggestions for future videos either in the comments here or in the notifications sign-up form

  • Tell your friends!

We're thrilled to share valuable tips and insights to help you level up your sales game. And if there's enough interest, we might just whip up a comprehensive course to provide you with all the tools you need to master your sales strategy.

Let's glow up together!


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